Voya - Squirrel


The Mill was tasked with creating a physical representation of Voya's 'Orange Money.'

An orange origami creature was crafted from traditional kami paper and used for size and lighting reference on set. The Mill's 3D artists then had a new squirrel folded from an oversized dollar bill and studied each and every fold needed to recreate the animal in a digital environment. It was crafted to have an interesting mix of authentic origami and a more stylized look. The artists took creative license and placed wingtip sworls of the dollar bill on the face to look like eyes, and adjusted to silhouette to read clearly as a rabbit. The spirit of each animal was kept by analyzing real life gait and movements and incorporating their own interpretation of how an origami animal would move using a distinctive twitch of the nose or flick of a bushy tail. 

2D lead artist Kyle Cody led the compositing team to match shadows and reflections in order to seamlessly integrate the origami animal into the physical environment. The biggest compositing challenge was achieving the right amount of sub surface light scatter for a translucent effect in the paper, which really brought the animal to life. 


- The Mill


May, 2015

Lead Compositor


BBDO Atlanta