Malcolm Campbell

The Mill Goes Down the Rabbit Hole with Droga 5 and Johnny Green on Hennessy's "Wild Rabbit" Campaign.

In the first of Droga 5's multi-spot, Wild Rabbit campaign for Hennessy, "Manny" introduces us to the Wild Rabbit of Manny Pacquiao.  A symbol of that elusive motivation that drives us to succeed, the Wild Rabbit is subtly depicted as the guiding force behind the champion athlete's many successes-from humble beginnings to boxing superstar to congressman in the Philippine Parliament. 

 With "Manny", The Mill was presented with the challenge of working the silent presence of the rabbit into the spot using shadow play and atmospherics without ever truly revealing what it is we are seeing. 

 "Due to most of the rabbit shots being shot at night, we were able to play with hiding the rabbit in shadows and dark areas, just catching subtle glimpses," explains Lead Flame artist, Danny Morris. To add to the overall feel, artists composited CG grass interaction and birds where they felt it needed it.

 The imaginative combination of Droga5, Johnny Green and The Mill's unique storytelling ability blend together seamlessly to create this powerful, dark and mysterious film.

- The Mill


April, 2012

Senior Compositor

Johnny Green