Malcolm Campbell

What's Your Wild Rabbit?

In 2012, Hennessy introduced the world to the Wild Rabbit - a metaphor for one's inner drive to succeed - through its immersive "Never stop. Never settle." campaign.

This year, Hennessy and Droga5 collaborated with The Mill on the latest installment of the campaign with the introduction of "The Man Who Couldn't Slow Down" - the story of 1920s speed record chaser Sir Malcolm Campbell, told through a series of films. Not settling even when he was on top, Campbell set nine world land speed records throughout his career.

The Mill was asked to create a giant sandstorm meant to represent the challenges faced while chasing greatness - capturing a photo real style bordering on the hyperreal. What made this sandstorm unique was that it also needed to reveal the trademark Hennessy Wild Rabbit; the style and reveal of which was not determined until the end of the project.

- The Mill


November, 2013

Senior Compositor

Martin de Thurah