Coca Cola


Coca Cola Drinkers get Crazy in EUFA EURO 2012's "Transformations"

What happens when your team is about to win the biggest title of the Euro Championship League? You go crazy, of course!

Shot in Buenos Aires by Director Andy Fogwill in eight days on the Alexa, this :90 epic display of VFX for Coca Cola from Argentine agency Santo and The Mill NY delivers a whopping 97 VFX shots and ten unique transformations.

"What made this job both challenging and interesting was the variety of transformations," explains Gavin Wellsman, Lead 2D Artist.  "We did a lot of R&D perfecting these transformations because we wanted to remain true to the director's vision."

Tracking the bodies of the granny and the CEO was very difficult. The transitions had to be seamless, so the team did full body scans of the actors to blend the live action footage with the CG models.

"This commercial had more effects than any other I have ever worked on," continues Wellsman. "This project always kept us on our toes because one day we would be electrocuting people with a lightening storm, and the next we were simulating feathers for a bird-man!"

- The Mill

February, 2012

Senior Compositor

Andy Fogwill